About Alan L. Nobler 

 I have been an active practitioner working with families since 1968.

In 1999 I decided that I was no longer comfortable walking the line between litigation (adversarial representation) and mediation / collaborative work.  In late 1999 I officially stopped doing litigation cases to concentrate on settling cases according to the needs and interests of the parties.  When cases cannot be settled through mediation or collaboration I have been successful connecting my clients with litigators who can best represent them in court.

 I have been a trainer in Collaborative Practice since 2000 and have spoken to the State Bar of California and the State Bar of Idaho.  I served on the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Public Education Committee and primarily train for Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley.

 A graduate of San Jose State  University in 1964 (B.S. Business) and the University of Santa Clara in 1968 (Juris Doctor), I was admitted to the California Bar in 1968.  When the State Bar of California first certified Family Law as a specialty in 1980, I took the necessary tests to complete the specialty certification, achieving certification that same year.  I have also become a certified mediator with Santa Clara County and am a qualified Alternate Dispute Resolution provider for the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

 In addition to the continuing education required by the Bar to maintain certification as a family law specialist, I have also taken classes in and taught the collaborative process.  For my first 30 years in practice, I also did traditional civil litigation, including suits involving the breach of a contract between people living together ("Marvin" cases) and lawsuits involving injuries caused by one spouse to the other.                               

 I am currently the Chair of the Association of Collaborative Law Attorneys (NoCourt.org) and a member of the Collaborative Law Association and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  I am an active member of the California Association of Certified Family Law Specialists and have served on their board for many years. I have been chairman of the Family Law Section of the Santa Clara County Bar Association. In connection with the Santa Clara County Bar Association, I have chaired the Santa Clara Family Court Local Rules Committee through the first two revisions of those local rules. This committee was composed of local attorneys and Superior Court Judges. I was also instrumental in creating a settlement conference procedure in family law cases.   I have also been on the  boards of the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyer's Association and the American Psychology‑Law  Society.

I have taught continuing education to lawyers on most aspects of family law including: preparation and trial, negotiation and settlement,   psychological issues, interspousal injuries and the use and application of Family Court rules. I have been a panel moderator, coordinator and speaker on behalf of many organizations including: the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists, the Santa Clara County Bar Association and the Collaborative Law Association.

I represent roughly equal numbers of men and women. I represent people from all walks of life, including the owners and officers of high tech companies, doctors, lawyers, engineers and their spouses.

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